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Our Process

Strategies to Help Pursue and Protect your Financial Independence

Presidio Capital Management adheres to the financial planning process adopted by the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Board of Standards. 

1.  Introduction Meeting: Define the Relationship

Complimentary Meeting where we define what it means to be a client of our firm and what you can expect of us as your financial advisors. Explanation of our financial planning & investment selection process, discuss how we are compensated, and detail the many ways we communicate with our clients. Ensure that the “advisor-client” role is clearly defined and that mutual expectations may be met.

2.  Discovery Meeting: Goal Development and Data Collection

In-depth financial inspection, asking you important questions regarding your investments and collect your financial documents. Identify and prioritize Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Results-based, and Timely goals to clearly understand what is important to you and what we will aspire to accomplish together.

3.  Analyze Your Current Financial Condition

CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professionals will review your financial condition to expose the inefficiencies that currently reside within your plan.Examination of your assets & liabilities, cash flows, insurance policies and investment holdings. Stress test your plan to evaluate the consequences of market declines, inflation, untimely death or disability, and taxation of your income and investment returns.

4.  Create & Present Financial Planning Recommendations

Presentation of our specific planning recommendations that may help you better pursue your financial goals. Suggest strategies to mitigate your current inefficiencies and capitalize on present opportunities.  We promise to explain each financial strategy in words that you can clearly understand. Likewise, we promise to listen to and address any concerns that you might have and truly take them to heart. If we miss something we will re-evaluate your financial recommendations and present you with alternatives, so that you may make the most informed decision.

5.  Implement Your Plan

Plan recommendation sign-off and implementation of all areas of your financial plan. Provide you with progress updates frequently as your plan is put into action. Coordinate with your legal, tax & other professionals to ensure integrated implementation of your plan.

6.  Monitor & Revise Your Plan

Ongoing management of your financial affairs to stay current with your personal needs and ever-changing economic forces. Periodically stress test your plan to help ensure that it is in keeping with your financial goals & objectives. Present potential updates or changes to planning & investment recommendations as needed. Communication is key, we will provide you with financial reports and open dialogue on our investment and planning strategies.