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The CFA Society in San Diego has interviewed our Lead Wealth Manager, Luke Jacobson, CFA, for their June Member Spotlight.  As a member since 2005, Luke takes the time to share his recent experience throughout these unprecedented times.  See below for a sneak peak of the interview.

How are you coping with the crisis? 

“When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Lemonade"

I’ve challenged myself to find experiences that are opportunistic. For example, I skated down Broadway in downtown San Diego without street traffic. When will I have that opportunity again? However, I developed the core of my coping methods a few years back as I processed a challenging career transition and a divorce simultaneously. What emerged from that experience were skills to create momentum and value in my life, independent of my career. I can empathize with the struggles we are experiencing secondary to a lack of energy in our community, career and/or social network. The experience of social distancing is very challenging; it's okay to not feel great right now. Personally, I’m diligent about checking in with family and friends, not only for my own mental health but to provide space for us to connect, be vulnerable or just vent!

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